I was born in Brazil, where I graduated as a visual designer, after interrupting my Architecture & Urban Planning studies. My design career brought me to Amsterdam, where in 2018 I decided to shift my focus exclusively to the visual arts, an idea that had been on my mind for a while. I have since moved to Brussels, where I’m currently based. 
It’s not completely clear to me yet what this new phase is about, conceptually. But I’m getting closer. I think. In any event, for now I’m happy just working on it, so a more proper understanding can come later. 

Group exhibitions
2019  ·  CACC (Circuito de Arte Contemporânea de Curitiba). MuMA, Curitiba, Brazil
2004-2018  ·  gap: worked as a visual designer
2003  ·  Curitiba ArteDesign. Solar do Barão, Curitiba, Brazil
2002  ·  Philips Art Expression. Memorial da América Latina, São Paulo, Brazil
2001  ·  Salão de Arte de Campo Mourão. Campo Mourão, Brazil

2003-2018  ·  gap: worked as a visual designer
2002  ·  Philips Art Expression. First prize, Brazilian round.
2002  ·  Philips Art Expression. First prize, Latin-American round.
2001  ·  Salão de Arte de Campo Mourão. First prize, state wide. Paraná, Brazil.